Where to find us

Seehausen is located at the northern end of the Schorfheide-Chorin biosphere reserve, almost exactly in the geographical centre of the Uckermark, about halfway between Berlin and the holiday island of Usedom (a good 100 km each). The Uckermark itself forms the north-eastern corner of Brandenburg and is the largest and at the same time the least densely populated district in Germany. That means:

Lots of nature, lots of space, lots of peace and quiet!

How to get there

Another advantage of this place:

The strategically extremely favourable location in the centre of the Uckermark, not far from the A11 motorway (Berlin-Stettin) and the Berlin-Stralsund railway line.

Seehausen is the stop for the Regional-Express RE3, which runs every 2 hours during the day from Berlin to Stralsund. Journey time from Berlin Hauptbahnhof (central station) is about 80 minutes. Once you arrive in Seehausen, walk along Dorfstraße for about 15 minutes (1 km) to the Huberhof.
If you sit in the double-decker coach upstairs you have a wonderful view and get a first impression of the lake and hilly landscape of the Uckermark. Bicycles can also be easily brought on the train. If you like, you can get along without a car even on holiday.

If you let us know the time we will gladly pick you up at the station!

Seehausen - the heart of the Uckermark

Seehausen is situated on the north-eastern foothills of Lake Oberuckersee, almost exactly between Prenzlau, Templin and Angermünde, and is a typical Uckermark village. Quiet and tranquil, half-timbered, plaster and fieldstone characterise the picture. Occasionally you can also see newer houses of city refugees and weekend pirates, one or the other holiday homes. The picturesque little wooden church with its romantically overgrown church garden is also occasionally used by non-natives for weddings. Seehausen has a landing stage for boats, a railway station and a village street, which is also called that for simplicity's sake. And the Huberhof of course...

Experiencing nature

In addition to the "normal" Uckermark with its many lakes, which invite you to swim and relax, the picturesque, hilly landscape which reminds many a guest of Tuscany and southern France and makes unforgettable excursions possible, there are also centres which strive to make even more nature experienceable. The Huberhof is the ideal starting point for day trips, because we are surrounded by the national parks Biosphere Reserve Schorfheide-Chorin in the south, National Park Uckermärkische Seen in the west, National Park Unteres Odertal in the east and Müritz National Park in the north.
Here we have picked out a few highlights for you which have something to offer for the whole family:

In the north-west of the Schorfheide, the largest continuous woodland area in Central Europe, lies the Wildpark-Schrofheide. On 3-4 km of hiking trails with rest and picnic areas, you can spend instructive and relaxing hours in nature on foot or by bike, guided or on your own. Large game animals and very rare original breeds of domestic animals can be observed in the spacious enclosures. For example fallow deer and red deer, wolves, moose, bison and some other species. There is also a petting enclosure, a large playground, a visitors' house and much more.


Although the Uckermark is the least populated district in Germany, it is by no means the most boring. If you want nature, you don't have to do without art, culture, fun and entertainment!

You will search in vain for festival halls, cabaret theatres and noble discotheques, but the region offers many exhibitions worth seeing, small museums and local history studios, places steeped in history and in almost every village a beautiful old wooden, half-timbered or fieldstone church. Music lovers will get their money's worth at the various music weeks, festivals and summer concerts, and art lovers are sure to find something to interest them among the many artists and craftspeople in the Uckermark, who run their own small galleries and also let you look over their shoulders while they work. Of course, the proximity to Berlin also has a positive effect here.

For a thrill in the fresh air, we recommend the Hochseil-Kletterwald-Schorfheide directly at the entrance to the Wildpark-Schrofheide. This day-trip destination is therefore suitable for all age groups and can be reached by car in just under an hour.

The city of Prenzlau also offers a well-maintained regional calendar of events on its website. Just have a look, maybe there is something exciting for you.

Farm shops and regional products

The Uckermark is now not only known for its landscape, but also for the culinary delights that are created in it. Cheese, spreads, meat and sausages but also alcoholic delicacies. From fruity liqueurs to aged whiskey, you'll find everything. We sometimes wonder ourselves about the variety of sustainable products from the region. Here we have listed a few estates and producers, to which it is also worth making an excursion and staying. Please pay attention to the opening hours on the respective websites.

In the Straußenhof Berkenlatten you can get everything from the ostrich. You can observe the breeding of the animals on site and take a long walk past meadows, fields and the enclosures.
On the farm there is also the Barefoot Adventure Park where you can "harden" yourself after Father Kneipp and experience nature with all your senses. By the way, in our restaurant we also serve street steaks from Berkenlatten.